Monday, July 30, 2012

Opposite Day

Because The CHB says the Red Sox are done, it probably means they aren't.

  • Like in 2003, when he wrote the Red Sox will win the World Series. (They didn't.)
  • And in July 2004, when he wrote the Red Sox won't win the World Series. (They did.)
  • And in September 2009, when he wrote "It feels like the Red Sox are going to the World Series." (They didn't.) 
  • And in September 2011, when he wrote "It is not 1978.  (It was.)

Then there's this gem: "If the old rules applied today, the Sox would be in 11th place in a 14-team American League. And there would be no hope of playing October baseball."

Well, fortunately for Sox fans, the old rules are no more relevant today than Shaughnessy is. Since 2001, only two World Series winners (the Yankees in 2003 and the White Sox in 2005) would have made the playoffs outright under the 1967 rules. The 2006 champion Cardinals won just 83 regular season games!

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