Friday, July 13, 2012

Close Minded

The CHB thinks Penn State should shut down its football program because a former assistant coach (no longer tied to the program) committed certain atrocities and said atrocities were covered up by the head football coach, the athletic director, a vice president and the president.

But what that good Christian man Shaughnessy doesn't get, of course, is that the coverup is NOT a football problem, or an athletics problem: If a Penn State janitor had been guilty of the same crimes and the administration had covered it up, the school would be in exactly the same position it is now.

No, this is a Penn State University problem, and shutting programs down won't solve anything. Should the Red Sox disband because their former clubhouse manager molested kids for years? Of course not.

Makes me wonder what dirty little secret The CHB is hiding?


ObjectiveBruce said...

How dumb can you get.

It is a football program. It was covered up because the football program was more important than the abuse of a child.

The scandal was not driven by an effort to protect one guy. It was driven by an effort to protect the program.

The guy who did it is in jail. The reason he was able to do it, repeatedly, is because the school held its football program to be more important than the kids.

The University profited, by millions of dollars, from the football program that it knowingly allowed to shelter a child-abuser

The football program must die.

Shaughnessy is absolutely right.

mike_b1 said...

How dumb can you get. The reason Sandusky was able to do it was because several people who knew better tried to protect 1) their friend and 2) their jobs.

By your logic, the Red Sox should no longer have a baseball team and Catholics should no longer have churches.

Go back to writing about car seats for airplanes, douche.

Anonymous said...

The stuff about what secret he is hiding is a cheap shot.

mike_b1 said...

Is it more or less of a cheap shot than calling David Ortiz a "sad sack of you know what?"