Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quiz Time II!

An old high school buddy sent me this Ron Borges prediction about drafting Richard Seymour. He says, "Thought you'd get a laugh out of this." I did, in a small way, but he actually set me off, because I remember Ron Borges writing a July 2002 column claiming that Lance Armstrong wasn't an athlete. I dismantled that article in someone's blog comments section, now deleted, unfortunately. It was that article that got me into blogging. That, and my love of the Boston Globe!

As I'm sending links back to my high school buddy (with an expletive-filled e-mail), I run across Borges' Wikipedia page, I see this gem from Shank:
“We should have one of those Globe polls—‘Who do you hate more?’ I’ve challenged Borges to see who could get out the vote. It would be close. And it would be a lot more interesting than who’s going to win the MVP.” -Dan Shaughnessy
So my question to you is - who do you hate more?

* Dan Shaughnessy;
* Ron Borges, or;
* The Boston Globe?


Anonymous said...

Shaughnessy, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Shank, followed closely by the Globe itself