Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Out of It

The Red Sox, who as of this writing are 2.5 games out of the playoffs with 76 games remaining, are a trainwreck, says The CHB.

Hmmm ... how many games did the Rays and Cardinals make up in the last 31 games of the 2011 season, Mr. Short-Term Memory Guy?*

Irony then follows. The CHB says the team is "a parody of itself" and ownership has "lost all sense of accountability." Actually, this reads like he's talking about himself.

*Answer: 9 and 10.5 games, respectively. 


ObjectiveBruce said...

hmmm. how many games were the Rays Cardinal and Red Sox over .500 at the 2011 All Star break, Mr. Short-Term Memory Guy? How many games over .500 were the Red Sox at the 2012 All Star Break?

Let's luv, luv, luv our little heroes. Let us fall to our knees in praise of ownership's soccer team, race cars, increasingly irrelevant cable channel, bricks, shutting down public streets to grab peanut money from vendors, pretending obstructed view seats on top of the left field wall are anything other than bleachers, and having wandering photographers peddle pictures of people enjoying the "Fenway experience" which, in 2012, is more likely to include a loss for the locals than a win.

Let us slam anyone who points out that this ownership is squandering the good will of the public.

Let us abandon logic and blame Shaughnessy. After all, he is irrelevant as the world moves to direct communication from player to public, such as on the Great Shill's blog.


*answer: 8, 6, 20 and 0 respectively

mike_b1 said...

Hey OB: How many games over .500 does a team have to be in order to make the playoffs? Answer: 0.

I'd say you're the one who abandoned logic, except you've never had any.