Saturday, July 07, 2012

No Son Shine

I suppose it's a bit unfair to note the arrest of The CHB's son on drunk and disorderly charges, except there is some humor in the incident.

To wit: (Son of CHB) Sam Shaughnessy was, among other things, busted for assaulting an officer. Likewise, his father has for decades been an assault on good taste, common sense and humanity.

The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the (brain) dead tree, it seems.


Anonymous said...

would it be fair to say that had a Boston athlete from any of the professional teams acted the same way as Shank's boy, that Shank would immediately write a scathing column about it and make snarky references to it in many future columns?

mike_b1 said...


ObjectiveBruce said...

Gee, how many snarky comments did he make about the broadcaster employed by a team-controlled entity whose son had some legal issues?

I think the answer is zip.

Snarky is as blogger does.

mike_b1 said...

Hmmm, well, that didn't stop him from complaining that the McCourts hired their kids to work in for the Dodgers, whom, btw, they owned:

Perhaps the reason The CHB never trashed Werner's kids is because he (The CHB) asked Werner to give his daughter a job.


ObjectiveBruce said...

Are you really comparing the nepotism in the near-destruction of one of the cornerstones of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs with gratuitous blather about a kid's legal issues that have nothing to do with any public entity? Did you notice that the sons were never named? Do you really compare singling someone out for public attention on the basis of who his father is can possibly be compared to an internship?

mike_b1 said...

Interesting that you invoke nepotism, OB, considering that the most successful team in baseball history is a prime example of how hiring your offspring CAN work.

As for that "near-destruction," well let's see: The team was sold to McCourt for $430 million in 2004. Eight years later, he is selling it for $2 billion. If that's destruction, blow me up now!
Moreover, the Dodgers won three division titles while he owned the team. How many did the Red Sox win during that time?

Careful: you could have a heart attack from all that hyperventilating.

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Sam Shaughnessy are out of line. Give the man some privacy.

mike_b1 said...

Hiya Mrs. Shaughnessy! Good to have you back!