Thursday, July 26, 2012

His Head Is Spinning

Is Obnoxious Boston Fan a nom de plume for The CHB?

Chip Buck at Fire Brand of the AL thinks he might be.

Something seems really fishy.  OBF criticized the ”family comes first” comment by Lester.  Then, he calls Boston ”The Hub” a couple of paragraphs later. ... Finally, in a single paragraph he’s alluded to a Cherington/Lucchino power struggle, criticized John Henry for owning the Liverpool Football Club, and mentioned Carmine in a negative light.  I could be crazy, but the only person who regularly mentions these things (and he does it in nearly every article) is Dan Shaughnessy.

Yowsa. If Shaughnessy is now imitating Shaughnessy, then his head must be spinning worse than the morning after a typical night at The Fours trying to keep straight which is the Real Shaughnessy and which is the Fake Shaughnessy. I mean, who aspires to imitate idiocy? And what does that mean for those of us who mock it?

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