Monday, December 27, 2010

Still On The Bandwagon

Shank summarizes yesterday's beatdown of the Bills in today's Globe column. It's a decent column, but it's hard to escape the notion that Shank has no editors when you read the following:

While snow fell back home at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots put down the Bills, 34-3, at (makes you want to) Ralph Wilson Stadium, clinching the AFC East title for the eighth time in 10 seasons.
Stay classy!

Shank's CNN / SI column has him making a bunch of predictions, one of them absurd:

The New England Patriots think they are going to win the Super Bowl...
While there's the possibility he has inside information, I don't recall any member of the Patriots actually saying something like this in public this year, or this is just Shank making shit up & stirring the pot once again.


Monkeesfan said...

So what did Shank do on his program with Mark Betrand? He dumped on the Patriots by saying "those idiots" in Buffalo stopped running the ball - basically the Patriots won with smoke and mirrors again. That no team has beaten the Patriots by running the ball continues to escape Shank.

Roger Bournival said...

MF - what's your tolerance level with listening to Shank on the radio? I hear him on occasion (mostly his semi-Saturday gig with Adam Jones, sometimes when he's on w/ Gresh), but it usually lasts one segment for me.

That, and they don't podcast anything, because I wanted to check out what you heard him say. Naturally, zilch on their website...

Monkeesfan said...

Roger, my tolerance level of Shank on the radio is about the same as yours.

I listen to both 98.5 and WEEI - sure wish 98.5 would put Steve Burton on instead of Felger, Spaz, and Shank.