Monday, December 06, 2010

Finally, Let's Mail One In

Six days after his last column, Shank delivers a Monday column dedicated to tonight's Jets / Patriots game. You may expect a quality column full of insights and meaningful facts, given all this time to prepare a column. You'd be wrong.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady — the Red Auerbach and Bill Russell of our 21st century football renaissance — have done their best to remind us that this is just another game.


He’s right, of course. This is not the Super Bowl.

It’s bigger.
You read that right - tonight's regular season game is bigger then the Super Bowl, one of the most idiotic statements Shank's made in a while. Nearly the entire column is filled with bluster and mail it in statements that are obvious to the casual fan; some more then a year old and previously used by Shank umpteen times. End the column with hackeneyed half-quoted lyrics by James Taylor and Springsteen, and you have a column not worth reading past the first sentence.


Anonymous said...

You got to hand it to Shank ...

he is relentless with his lameness.

I was hoping for some insights regarding key matchups and strategy.

I usually don't follow the buildup to the "hype" but, the day of, I will search for reading materials by anyone willing to invest some time in writing up a good synopsis on what to expect for X's and O's.

Obviously Shank ain't The Source.


Dave M said...

This one definitely should've had a stamp on it. Brutal.