Saturday, December 18, 2010

What? No Blue Christmas?

Not content to write yet another meandering picked up pieces column, he even manages to choose weak Christmas music:

Picked up pieces while listening to Mitch Miller Christmas carols . . .
How can you not pick The King?

What follows from the dreadful opening sentence is the fruitcake of sports opinion columns. Feel free to regift this one!


Anonymous said...

In a letter to Sports Illustrated, lead prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg joined the chorus of those rooting for Michael Vick. Forgive me if I don’t celebrate Vick’s “comeback.’’ The Philadelphia QB deserves his props for playing better than ever, but he’s not returning from something that was out of his control. He’s not Ted Williams coming back from two wars and he’s not Mike Lowell or Jon Lester coming back from cancer. This is a “hold your nose’’ comeback story.

Just say it Dan. We know its true. The reason you don't celebrate Vick's comeback IS due to something out of his control. His skin color.

Monkeesfan said...

I have to side with Shank here based on Anonymous' insulting accusation. Shank doesn't celebrate Vick's comeback because of his skin color?

As for the rest of Shank's pieces -

* I'm shocked Shank doesn't take Digger Phelps to task because he dismisses UConn's 87-game win streak by being women's basketball; one would think a Globie like Shank would accuse Digger of sexism or something. But then Shank does take UConn to task because they beat up Holy Cross by 80 points - hey Shank, haven't you learned by now they deserve to get blasted like that?

* And why is Shank taking Eddie Andelman seriously? Andelman is such a self-parody that the only way to listen to him is via the Whiner Line character.

* Shank, watching Kristie Mewis play soccer is like watching anyone play soccer.

* Marvin Miller does not belong in the Hall Of Fame, Shank.

Anonymous said...

It might be insulting if it were not true. But CHB has a pretty good history of being a good old white boy and white boy lover. In fact you even take him to task a bit for turning a blind eye on sexism.

Anonymous said...

White Christmas or Black Coal?

In Life There is always the Good vs. The Bad; and in Boston we Have The Ugly Shank!

There is no denying that Shank enjoys attacking people of color or anyone else that represents a "different" model of his dream idealism.

Here is proof positive that Shank knows nothing about being an athlete:

RE: UConn vs. Holy Cross = Geno Auriemma must have needed to run it up to impress the BCS.

What is the second team supposed to do while playing – keep the score close? Every athlete needs to push themselves. The score has nothing to do with the coach. Uconn players are excelling and Holy Cross couldn’t keep up but they did learn from that experience. That’s how athletes look at it.


“Fraud Deion Sanders managed to be annoyed with his place at No. 34.” How does Shank know that Sanders is a fraud? Perhaps because he soaked Tim McCaver for foollishly criticizing Sanders for playing two “pro” sports on the same day?

Here is proof positive on how Shank tries to sway the audience:

“He’s not Ted Williams coming back from two wars and he’s not Mike Lowell or Jon Lester coming back from cancer.” Again Shank trying to compare His Bad Person to His Idealism by bringing in Heroism and Cancer.

No Shank Vick isn’t Williams, Lowell or Lester. He is just another human who has made many foollish mistakes, humilated himself, paid the price imposed on him by his peers and wants to move on to a more productive phase of his life. I’m sure “The Lead Prosecuter” would not try to deny that “Second Chance” of anyone. So where is the correlation between Vick The Villain and The Heroes?

But then again Shank likes to Sway.


Anonymous said...

must be me, I don't really think that deeply about Vick at all. Obviously I don't agree with the dog fighting but the dude did the time for the crime. Move on. These "holier than thou" types like Shank make me sick.