Monday, December 13, 2010

Has Shank Ever Quoted The Who?

I might think more of him if that was the case, as I was reading Shank's latest CNN / SI offering, hopping on the Celtics bandwagon. Comparing February's link (below, also CNN / SI), I'm not sold on Shank's reasoning. Is this year's bench that much better to be able to deliver the starters enough rest to do what Shank thinks is possible? I think that's the only question here. Shank doesn't ask it.

Meet the new Celts, same as the old Celts, Shank?

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Anonymous said...


I have to agree with you.

There ia no comparison between a bench of Robinson/Shaq/Jermaine/Daniels vs. Wallace/House/(later Robinson)

Doc has more options now.

It alos helps that Garntet is at full strngth again.

But then again Shank marches to a different tune ....

"Imagine though the shock from isolation.
When he suddenly can hear and speak and see."

from Go To the Mirror - The Who