Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's A Twofer - III

Today we are blessed (if that's the right word) with two columns by the Boston Globe's bravest sports columnist. Writing at CNN / SI, Shank replaces his desire to sign Derek Jeter with the lauding of landing Adrian Gonzalez.

Suddenly, the Red Sox are back. Hours before one the biggest regular-season games in the history of the New England Patriots (more important than the Super Bowl? - ed.), the Sox put themselves back into the sports discussions in New England. Loyal legions of Sox rooters have been hungry for Gonzalez for a couple of years and finally it looks like Boston has found the guy they lost when Teixeira went to the hated Yankees.
The second column, from the Globe, is a straightforward recap of the thrashing of the Jets, 45 - 3, by the New England Patriots. Thankfully, we are spared the 'Brady Gaga' lameness, but naturally Shank cannot resist another dig at Danny Woodhead:

Think Danny Woodhead is happy today? The Jets cut New England’s lovable end table in September. In an ultimate act of revenge that typified Patriot Monday, the 5-foot-7-inch Woodhead collected 115 all-purpose yards against the team that told him he wasn’t good enough.
Sometimes you just have to ask yourself one question, perhaps unprofessionally - what the fuck is wrong with Shaughnessy? Woodhead has a career game, and the only way Shank can find to describe him is an end table, then the obligatory umpteenth reference to his height? I'm positive this isn't a term of endearment. Then again, I'm also positive there are few terms of endearment to describe Shank.


Anonymous said...

How about -

"Since Moss was banished to Minnesota his removal seems to have revived the Patriots in the same manner in which Nomar Garciaparra’s dismissal invigorated the 2004 Red Sox."

I don't get it. Moss being removed was a straregic change of direction by Belichick. Nomar traded was an act frustration. Two diffferent animals.

The Pats were winning with Moss, the team jjust wasn't doing it convincing style.

Just goes to show that Shank ain't no strategist, he's just a "hype" man.

"Suddenly, the Red Sox are back." This could be temporary. I'm surprised the Sox "hypocracized" themselves. They have always stated that long term deals were out of teh question. 8 years on Gonzalez is risky long-term. He is no Manny or A-Rod. We shall see.


rich said...

Does Shaughnessy's email address even work anymore? I tried to send him something and got this immediate response:

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 0 second(s):

* "

Anonymous said...