Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A View To A Chill

Just caught Shank on the local Comcast Sports / N.E postgame show after the Patriots 45-3 win over the Jets. He looked a little cold on the Patriots field after the game (as 25 degree weather is wont to do) as it looked like he needed an extra layer underneath the wool coat (or maybe one of these Russian comrade hats). Shank and fellow pessimist Michael Felger both reluctantly agreed that its the Patriots holding the upper hand as the playoff hunt progresses.

Comments on his CNN / SI column tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Read Shank for the first time in a long time...wanted to see what kind of smart ass, anarky comments he would try to come up with.....NOTHING.....45-3 will do that. Poor Shank, he must have been sooooooooo disappointed

Monkeesfan said...

Shank waxes poetic in his latest El Globo piece - it got read with a background score by Gresh today (Dec. 7) and Shank was patting himself on the back in wiseacre fashion.

Shank even walks Bob Neumeier's side of the street with his Secretariat reference - I'm surprised he missed comparing Seattle Slew running around passing his genetics onto offspring to Brady.

Nice subtle shot by Shank in calling this "A noble New England team," as though the Randy Moss Pats somehow weren't noble. He furthers the shot by linking the presence of Moss to turnovers in the first four games, the same mistake Gaspar, Felgie, etc. make with their premise that Moss and his deep-threat ability had somehow corrupted ability to win.

Gads, there's even a Rocky & Bullwinkle reference in this piece! Lascanikof! to coin a frequent Paul Frees catchphrase.

Not bad overall. Winning can do that, Shank.