Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is wrong with this Guy?

Seriously, what is this guy's issue? One game into the ALCS and Shaughnessy is ready to declare this thing is over? What is he smoking? Has he lost his mind? Five references to the World Series after Game 1?

Here are the 5 separate references

It's only one game. So how come it already feels like the Red Sox are going to the World Series?

So how come it already feels like the Red Sox are going to the World Series?

This is the way it's been for quite some time, and that's why it already feels like the Red Sox are going to the World Series.

On to the ninth. On to Jonathan Papelbon and a 1-2-3 ninth. On to the World Series. At least that's the way it feels.

It's only one game and already it feels like the Red Sox are going back to the World Series.

What a total and complete moron. And here is my favorite quote:

Including their historic ALCS comeback in 2004, the Sox are 23-7 in their last 30 postseason games. Toss out the 2005 Division Series sweep at the hands of the White Sox and Boston is 23-4 in tournament play since the embarrassing loss to the Yankees.

He may just as well said, "the Sox are 23-7 in their last 30 postseason games. Toss out the 7 losses and they are an amazing 23-0." And why the hell does he keep referring to it as tournament play? It is the playoffs for crying out loud.

I am seriously beginning to wonder if this guy has completely lost it?

Unbelievable. Bring on a new columnist. The old one has lost it.


Dryheave said...

...Toss out Shanks last 2,000 columns and he's really not a bad sportswriter

Anonymous said...

Give me a break.

If “Dice-K sparkles” why does the Shank wait till the 10th paragraph to mention his name? Shank even insinuates that “Josh Becket” and “red hot” Lester are more important (even though they didn’t pitch).

Christ, if Shank knew his “humanity” he could see that Dice-K pitched a classic “El Tiante” game – a battler to the end.

Instead we witness again how the Shank disguises his racist “being” by not even getting a Dice-K comment. Was he too lazy to speak (work) through an interpreter? Instead we hear about the “clutch” Lowrie and Youkilis and not the composure that is Dice-K.

Anyone notice that the Sox have only 4 “non-whites” on the squad?
Shank sure knows how to “speak” to his core market.

This article is a sparkler for the redneck CHB “selling” to the old farts.

Yes Dice-K sparkles in his laborious creative way, but the Shanks stinks up the house with his selective bigotry.


roger bournival said...

I came here for some lame song lyrics. Shank leaves me high & dry once again!

Jonny Jaha said...

Anon 7:59, i don't believe that the columnists write their headlines, so "Dice-K Sparkles..." was probably not Shank's decision.

How odd (ironic, perhaps?) that Shank acknowledges this newfangled, sabermetrics pitch-count watch and even drags Grady into the discussion. He repeatedly hammers on managers for not ignoring the pitch counts like they used to back in the old days.

Anonymous said...

OK Jonny Jaha

It is odd though that the Shank doesn’t have total control ..... of his senses that is.

Also, it is surprising that he lets anyone touch his master “pieces”.


Jonny Jaha said...
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Jonny Jaha said...

Usually its is the Copy Editors who write the actual headline, not the feature writer and it depends on a number of things - how many columns the story / article will take up; its position on the page; how large the font size is; and a few other factors.

But what is undoubtedly Mr. Shaughnessy's writing is the way he flip-flops between what he calls the "modern day scourge" of the pitch count and the need to rip a manager for not pulling a pitcher with a high pitch count.

Any way the wind blows, so will Dan

Anonymous said...

You betcha jonny.

Correcto mundo!

He just a blowhard.


Anonymous said...

He was the same way during the Cleveland series last year. He would wildly switch from undue optimism to do doom and gloom.

Objectivebruce said...

What an insipid commentary.

He tosses out a sweep in one series where the team was arguably not at its best (Game One starter: Matt Clement) to make a point about how well the team has done in the playoffs over the past several years and you're extrapolating utter nonsense. nonsense from it.

He repeats the theme of the article and you're totaling the references, as if keeping such a running count means something.

Time to hang it up. These commentaries are increasingly vapid; cheap shots for the sake of cheap shots.

Anonymous said...


“cheap shots for the sake of cheap shots.”

Your master teaches you well.


Dave M said...


You would have a lot more credibility if you would acknowledge from time to time when Shaughnessy's writing/thought process stinks. I have been critiquing his columns for almost two years now and today is near the top of my list for his worst efforts.

As for discounting the three losses against the White Sox...what's the rationale again? They weren't at their best? I simply followed this stupid logic to its absurd conclusion. They obviously were not at their best in those 4 other losses either so let's go ahead and discount those and celebrate in the joy of 23 and 0. It was a ridiculous aside on his part.

Now the bigger picture...Shaughnessy is making this idiotic claim that it feels like the Red Sox are going back to the World Series. He feels so confident about it that he says it 5 times. Did he not follow the past season? Did he not take notice of how remarkably resilient the Rays were? Every time it seemed like the Red Sox would overtake them in the standings. they dug in and won. As I mentioned in a recent previous thread, Shaughnessy has this really weird compulsion to declare things "over" before they are actually over. This whole column today takes this compulsion to another level.

OB, you would think I would be happy, happy, happy today because Shaughnessy shows his luv/luv/luv for the home team. Not the case...I am neither happy nor sad...I am disgusted that Shaughnessy continues to get away with his absolute crap.

It's not a cheap shot. My criticism is well founded. The guy has lost it

roger bournival said...

These commentaries are increasingly vapid; cheap shots for the sake of cheap shots.

You are to board contributions as Matt Young is to throwing to first base.