Friday, October 03, 2008

Dr Dan

Dr Dan takes the stand. He also plays the role of judge and jury. He testifies that the Red Sox are in the Angels heads. It is a familiar claim from our expert, being dusted off after just one playoff game. Shaughnessy actually mostly plays it straight (outside of the Dr Phil and Lucy references) and it is not a bad column. But it is one of those columns where you read it and say "I knew this was coming from him." He has become so predictable. He loves to explore the mind games. He also loves to make these declaratives after a single game or event. Some will say he is being "out front" and others will say this is more knee-jerk reaction from CHB. At this point, I'd say its knee jerk. Let the series play out and write this type of column in the post mortem of the entire series and not just the first game


Anonymous said...

Dave M,

Correct – “Let the series play out”, that is why we are fans. We want a competition not annihilation.

Shank wants to beat everybody to the “mastubratory” punch. He even believes that no one has figured him out.

Someone please get Shank on the couch! He needs some heavenly peace of mind.


dbvader said...

I have five bucks for anyone who could read past the fourth sentence. That doctor crap was tired before he finished writing Doc Halladay.

roger bournival said...

I have five bucks for anyone who could read past the fourth sentence.

...and $.43 for the stamp! Just pay, baby.

Anonymous said...

By now, it's a given

“we have moved well past the arena of standard athletic competition” … and into CHB’s psychosis ….

Shank, the tone in all your writing alludes to your erectile (athletic) dysfunction complex. You have no clue about “athletic competition”. Did you ever live it, feel it, taste it, or “experience” the joys and pain in it?

Were you the last player chosen during pickup games? – ‘who wants the scrawny curly haired red-head with no guts!’ Does that explain your inferiority complex?

You are a pathetic “addict” needing instant “self-gratification” through ridiculing “athletic” beings.

To disguise your grotesque psyche you hide behind the “power men” and get tooled by them repeatedly. Do you enjoy that? You must since it lets you “type away” at your palms delight beating on the imaginary “competitor” of your past.

And now you believe that you are the “tough guy” on the block, the “leading sportswriter in town”, or

Are you a delusional?

Have some respect for “the other side”, we need them for a balanced consciousness.

This concludes our “reverse” psychology session Spanky.

Now please depart back to the “nitwit” zones of your mind and “spank your monkey” till the sox bleed with your hallucinations of grandeur.

By the way “Spank”, if you want to see a good piece of writing on the beings within the “arena of standard athletic competition” see,0,1606120.column.