Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Lot Can Change

Dan's look at last night's game mixes in some reflections on the state of the Patriots, comparing the big comedowns of both teams. I think it captures the situation well.

Does Dan read the messageboard over at Boston Sports Media Watch?

Jason Varitek looks as though he might calcify in mid-swing.

I know that members like to call Varitek "The Calcifying Captain."


Anonymous said...

Really?.....he "captures the situation well"??.....just a couple of days ago he was writing that the Sox had the series won. Shank is the ultimate second guessing know-it-all jerk. Even in this column he makes sure he covers his ass>>>>

"This is not to overreact to the Red Sox' plight. The Sox last year trailed the Indians, 3-1, in the ALCS, then roared back to win the next three and sweep the Rockies in the World Series".

He writes that after HIS OWN "overreaction" He also doesn't speak for me when he writes: >

". We grew arrogant, cocky, entitled".

I've NEVER FELT THAT WAY, through ANY of the Red Sox or Patriot success. Maybe some of the "newbie, Pink Hat" crowd has but not anybody who's been following Boston Sports for a LONG TIME

Anonymous said...

Typical Shankster material. Always trying to be part of the game and influence the outcome.

Shank, you are an observer just like the rest of us. You have a dwindling minutia of a “fan base” that believes in your crap.

Get off our “mind waves”; we don’t need your “back-peddling, back-stabbing, flip-flopping, rooster sucking, and stool-pigeon" insights.

We can experience the game in “high-definition” so why do we need your "laser-ray vision" idiocy?


Dryheave said...

". We grew arrogant, cocky, entitled"????.....I agree with the 1st poster. The only people who feel like that are the "pink hat crowd" who became Boston Sports fans in the late 80's early 90's. All they've known is success so maybe they did become arogant.

As someone who's been following Boston Sports for over 60 years I've seen too much. Been through too much. I laughed last year when the media idiots were acting like it was a given the Pats would go undefeated and win the Super Bowl.

I laughed again a couple of days ago when they were acting like it was a given Lester would dominate every game. It's THE MEDIA who perpetuates this myth. THEY are the ones who act like a certain game is a "lock" and when it goes the OTHER WAY they act like it was THE FANS were were saying the game was a lock. Damn media fools, I hate them with every fiber of my being.

Chris said...

Definition of a Liberal: Someone who is bitter and unhappy because other people are doing well. For a Liberal, happiness comes not from elevating his or her own fortunes, but of bringing everyone else down to their unhappy level. This is Dan. He has been bitter, angry, and unhappy at the relative fortunes of the Red Sox and the Patriots. Now, as things start souring for these teams and their fans, Dan finds glee: "GOOD! Now the misery is equally spread. I am unhappy and now they are, too!" Just like a good socialist.

Monkeesfan said...

"This is not to overreact to the Sox' plight." Sure, like it's not to overreact to the Patriots loss. It's like the scene in Airplane! where the passengers panic, the screen on the plane says, "Don't Panic," then changes to "Okay, Panic!"

BTW, was I imagining things or did Shank have some self-mockery? "Two days ago the Sox looked like a lock for the World Series (some nitwit actually wrote that)."

Anonymous said...

Nothing galls me more than Shank's use of "We".

roger bournival said...

I just want to say good luck, Monkeesfan, we're all counting on you...

ObjectiveBruce said...

Hey Chris:

Have a nice weekend? A nice holiday, perhaps?

Health insurance OK -- your employer pay the premium on time?

How about your car, did it get you where you were going without blowing up, rolling over or having your body thrown against a non-collapsible steering column because the car wasn't equipped with seat belts?

Your house didn't fall down on your noggin last night, did it?

Food OK? -- no poison, rat poop or assorted viruses making eating it a health risk?

Take any medicine in the past few years and live to tell about it?

If you answered any of these with anything other than an unqualified negative, remember than someone had to invent paid weekends and holidays, require employers to pay health premiums they promise to pay, set and enforce standards for automobile and building safety, and pass laws that require pure food and drugs.

Thank the nearest liberal.

Anonymous said...


Gee Bruce, I actually agree with you.


dbvader said...

Health insurance OK -- your employer pay the premium on time?

Employer sponsored health insurance was not a direct creation of government intervention. Companies starting providing insurance to employees as a way around wage controls during World War II.

Chris said...

Right now, I'm too busy thanking Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for evaporating a good portion of my 401(k) in the name of forcing real estate into the hands of people who couldn't afford it. Think 'A Chicken In Every Pot' writ large. I'll get to thanking all the other Liberals later. But thanks for the humor.

Monkeesfan said...

OB, it was the market that did all that. Liberals did nothing but force-feed business into bed with meddling government.