Monday, October 06, 2008

Now He Is Just Trying to Annoy Me

This was the sixth sentence of Dan's column today:

The game was played in front of the largest Fenway crowd (39,067) since World War II, lasted 5 hours 19 minutes, and ended at 12:48 this morning when Jered Weaver - making the first relief appearance of his career - got Alex Cora to ground to third base.

Dan goes on to recap the game, highlighting the Angels' struggles to bring in the many baserunners they had last night.


roger bournival said...

Nice column, if you're a beat reporter...

Monkeesfan said...

So what's Shank going to say after the Sox nailed Game Four in the equivalent of a photo finish?

Anonymous said...

What does it matter?

He is out searching for Tampa Bay baseball "history" so that he can craft some sort story on how they represent the Anti-Monolith.

His story will be full of laser “ray” insights.

Bang them drums slowly Shank.