Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diving Into Football

After the Red Sox playoff run, Dan's focus shifts to football and last night's Patriots-Broncos match.

Not too good. Dan must not have been paying attention to the football with all that writing he had to do for the Red Sox. Take this question:

"It made you wonder . . . how could the Broncos be 4-2?"

The answer is some bad wins and a gift from the refs against San Diego. He also somehow manages to shoehorn a Red Sox mention and Barack Obama's acceptance speech. Dan really had nothing to say, ultimately resorting to tired trivia about the Patriots and Monday Night Football.


Monkeesfan said...

He could at least have mentioned the "Monday Night Madness" game of 1976 when the Patriots demolished Joe "I don't care about the team strug-el-ling" Namath and the Jets 41-7 and there were so many arrests cops had to cuff drunks to the chain-link fence.

Not one of his more egregious pieces, but Shank hardly inspires anyone here, either.

Anonymous said...


Well said.

Shank is comatose from the Sox loss. He needs his lifeline of misery, losses, curses, non-conforming personalities.

What else can he "right" about?


Dryheave said...

Being that I'm more of a Patriots/football fan than a Red Sox/baseball fan, I hate when Shank turns his full attention to the Patriots....please Shank, go write about the Bruins and Celtics.

Anonymous said...

Bruins? Why would he write about UCLA? :D

Monkeesfan said...

annymous #4 - interesting. I confess to have lost track here - has Shank bashed Sox ownership the way Bill From NH does? Maybe Shank could do such to the (hopefully) soon-to-sell Messer Jacobs.

dryheave - seems more than a few writers nowadays disgrace themseves when they write about the Patriots, whether it's Felger accusing Kraft of "cheapening out" (because the Pats don't overspend on flankers?!? Someone get Doug Brown back on WEEI's Sunday AM NFL show, please) or Borges just lying his butt off on just about all things Foxboro or the Globe's piece in 2007 on Kyle Eckel that tried to portray him as guilty of something even though the actual evidence the piece presented was exculpatory - and don't get me started on the fact the writers and Goodell didnt read the rulebook on sideline videotaping. More and more writers around here screw it up with regard to the Patriots.