Monday, October 20, 2008

Nose to the Grindstone

People have accused Dan of "mailing it in" on occasion. Last year, he previewed the World Series by stating that nobody knew who the Rockies were and Dan couldn't really be bothered to tell us. But this postseason there was no hint of such laziness. And his "the immortal player Dan was too lazy to know about" shtick wasn't prominent. (At least as I can tell. I hardly read his columns any more.)

Today's piece was pretty good. It was a good recap of the game with a little bit of perspective.

There is one hyperbole alert:

"The Rays never played .500 ball before this year, but in October of '08 they are every bit as talented as any Yankees team the Sox battled in the last decade."

That is a slight overstatement.


Dryheave said...

Shank still couldn't resist going the curses,ghosts and goblins route though. About Rays advisor Don Zimmer he wrote:

"we wondered for a moment if he'd brought some Bucky Dent baggage to the Trop".

WE wondered???...Shank is the one who believes in Curses,ghosts and goblins. Maybe he has another book in the works. "THE CURSE OF DON ZIMMER"

Anonymous said...

Shank does have a new book out:

"I am the Curse, The Scrooge, and The Only Ghost from your Nightmares Past" by the Shankster


mike_b1 said...

Was it really barely 24 hours earlier that he wrote: "And the Red Sox are planning on starting the World Series Wednesday night at Fenway against the Philadelphia Phillies."

And now The CHB wants to put the Rays on a plane above all those Yankees teams, some of which had at least four certain Hall of Famers (Clemens, Jeter, Rivera, ARod)? Good grief.

The next time the Rays win 114 games in one season, or 100 or more three years in a row, let me know. Until then...

Chris said...

Mike, To absorb CHB without critique, your frame of reference can be no more than 24 hours. Otherwise, you could trot out a bathtub-full of contradictions, hypocrisy, and outright lies made by him. Your obligation is to read today's column with no reference made to yesterday's or any other.

Like the Wizard of Oz said, 'Pay No Attention to the contradictions and hypocrisy coming from the Man Behind The Curtain Who Writes a Daily Newspaper Column.'