Saturday, October 04, 2008

Daily Double

Dan offers up two tasty treats today...

Dream Matchup

Its a Given

Both are horrid...more thoughts to follow later tonight

(Update/Edit, 10 pm Saturday:

Just a few more thoughts. Shaughnessy's game recap was more awful regurgitated crap. He must have been really proud of himself for the clever Dock of the Bay reference because he used it again today just as he did on Friday. He goes on and on about how the Angels cant beat the Red Sox in October just as he did on Friday. He starts off listing all the different types of balls (long ball, hard ball, soft ball, wiffle ball) a wonderfully clever technique that, oh by the way, he used on Friday (Doc Ellis, Doc Medich, Doc Rivers, Dr Phil). Add oh yeah some idiot apparently told Dan that the first series is a best of three because he has declared that all the first round series are over.

As for the dream matchup article (He is rooting for Red Sox Dodgers), it is premature crap. Also dredges up some favorite pot shots at folks like Nomar
Closing out for now...have a good night

Dave M


Anonymous said...

By now, it's a given

“we have moved well past the arena of standard athletic competition” … and into CHB’s psychosis ….

Shank, the tone in all your writing alludes to your erectile (athletic) dysfunction complex. You have no clue about “athletic competition”. Did you ever live it, feel it, taste it, or “experience” the joys and pain in it?

Were you the last player chosen during pickup games? – ‘who wants the scrawny curly haired red-head with no guts!’ Does that explain your inferiority complex?

You are a pathetic “addict” needing instant “self-gratification” through ridiculing “athletic” beings.

To disguise your grotesque psyche you hide behind the “power men” and get tooled by them repeatedly. Do you enjoy that? You must since it lets you “type away” at your palms delight beating on the imaginary “competitor” of your past.

And now you believe that you are the “tough guy” on the block, the “leading sportswriter in town”, or

Are you a delusional?

Have some respect for “the other side”, we need them for a balanced consciousness.

This concludes our “reverse” psychology session Spanky.

Now please depart back to the “nitwit” zones of your mind and “spank your monkey” till the sox bleed with your hallucinations of grandeur.

By the way “Spank”, if you want to see a good piece of writing on the beings within the “arena of standard athletic competition” see,0,1606120.column.


dbvader said...

Curt is going after Shank in his blog that he writes in the basement of his $10 million home:

Oh and I know I claimed I’d never mention him again but I can’t pass this up. CHB, no one that’s EVER worn a major league uniform has uttered the term ‘cookie fastball’… Where the hell did you hear that? A fastball down the pipe is a cookie, or some of the products Keebler makes are cookies, but there is no such thing as a ‘cookie fastball’ you dork.

ObjectiveBruce said...

Schilling is a nitwit.

He called it a cookie fastball rather than a cookie? That's the great Schill's point? He used cookie as an adjective so it would be self explanatory rather than spend another sentence on an explainer for people who don't understand the reference if they haven't seen it before?

What an ass.

Now if we used the Great Schill's attitude, we'd rip g. for referring to a "good piece of writing," since nobody who ever wrote for a living ever referred to something as a "good piece of writing." Good piece, yes. But that would be trite and we'll leave that sort of thing to you children who really need to get back to the petty complaints that seem to occupy your time these days.

Anonymous said...


Correct – I don’t get paid for my writing.

The article by Bill Plaschke in the LA Times was refreshing, balanced and presented an interesting insight into what “ballplayers” experience, both the pleasures and the pains. Surely, the CHB would have butchered the article, but most likely Kent would have butchered him first.

I don’t have the time to watch many games and I find ESPN to be nauseating. So on occasion I will read the “local” papers to get "sports" informed. Imagine waking up to articles such as: “For Sox owner Henry, the joy comes daily”, “By now, it's a given”, “Ramírez's remarks are sad”. The insinuations and barbs are so mindless and are like a nightmare that never ends.

Can you understand why a “layman” like I get’s so annoyed with much of the garbage put forth by CHB? The Shank has made himself so trivial.

Many on the net refer to him as “The Curse from Boston” or “Boston’s Racial Profiler”. It’s becoming so draining trying to explain “the point” of The CHB to my friends from distant lands that peek into our sports “world” when surfing the Globe.

In the end, to get my updates, I just look at the stats and then search the net for stories that seem neutral.

Ah, but now I have an outlet with the “Watch” to vent whenever the Shank tries to spank us silly with his high almighty sermons.


Anonymous said...


I do agree with you - Schilling is a nitwit.

I think his psychosis is much more dangerous to humanity.

We can discuss Schilling on another day.


Anonymous said...


Schilling is a loud-mouthed douche who happens to be able to (or was able) to win baseball games for the Red Sox.

Shank is a loud mouth douche who happens to be able to do nothing.

Stick to the script, bunky.

Your pal,