Sunday, October 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Dan

Oh yes, just one day after Dan declared (five times no less) that it just felt like the Red Sox were going to the World Series, the seeds of doubt have crept in and Dan writes

It makes you wonder about those dreams of a third Boston World Series in five seasons.

If Dan used any shred of analysis, he would not have rambled on (five times no less) about the Red Sox making the World Series. If he had studied the situation, he would have realized that the Rays have hung tough all season. He would have realized that there were plenty of questions about Beckett's health. If this one lousy start happened to Beckett last year, it would have been an anomaly. This year, while this start was disappointing for Beckett, it was neither surprising nor unpredictable. As always, Dan rides with the wind. He is incapable of cogent analysis. (There is even a little video vignette on the site with Dan apologizing for predicting a Red Sox World Series appearance. How pathetic.) The Red Sox may very well end up going to the World Series but for Dan to call it after Game 1 was just idiotic.

There are a few other gems in there as well

. Dan loves the "While New England slept" bit. It is quite a dichotomy....Shaughnessy frequently criticizes the Red Sox zealots who live and die with the teams fortunes. At the same time, he criticizes Tampa for its lack of tradition. Yet Tampa's stadium was rocking last night while New England slept?

- Dan takes a jab at the way the Red Sox handling of players with injuries when he writes
"It makes you wonder why the Sox are so stubborn with star players (remember Mike Lowell?) who are not physically able to perform." Are you serious, Dr Shaughnessy? Have you not been following this team recently? Can you discuss the way the way they have shut down people like Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, JD Drew, Julio Lugo, David Ortiz, Hideki Okajima? Whose careers have they jeapordized by their stubborness? (Actually I would worry about Ortiz)

- Of course, there is always the gratuitous shot ot Grady Little for whenever a manager leaves a pitcher in too long. Its funny once or twice but gets tired after a dozen plus uses

Other than that, this was a fine and much needed piece of journalistic wonder. And since you probably have plenty of energy since you went to bed while the Red Sox were still playing last night, you can read Shank's piece on Kevin Youklis for a Theo and the Minions reference (oh by the way, I dont think anyone commented on this but in a recent piece, Dan referred to them as "Theo and his baseball operations staff"

Finally, please note that the Globe has added a section for readers to comment on Shaughnessy's pieces. Some entertaining comments.

Have a great Sunday...


roger bournival said...

There's some funny comments over there; here's my favourite:

Forget about our pitching, is Dan a few years over the hill, or what?

Anonymous said...

Personally - I think you are an idiot. Don't you have anything better to do with your time than pick apart Shaughnessy?

roger bournival said...

Not until 1:00 this afternoon, lol...

Dave M said...

Thanks Anon 0951

I have plenty of other things to do but fortunately, this takes just about 10 minutes a day, which is actually about 5 minutes longer than Shaughnessy takes to mail in a column

Thanks for visiting the site. Need to introduce you to a guy named Bruce.

Objectivebruce said...

Actually the comments on the Globe site have been, at least until now, basically intelligent discussion.

But I am of a foul mood today because iNDemand decided to pick up the Fox Phoenix telecast of Sens/Coyotes instead of HNIC or Habs/Leafs, which makes me concerned that they also might pass on current hottest rivalry in sports on Friday and Saturday [Oilers/Flames), which is a helluva thing to do just three days after an election day in which fringe parties play a much-too-important role. Like Shaughnessy does in your lives.

objectivebruce said...

whoops, I meant the Fox Detroit feed of Sens/Wings. Got mixed up since I was simultaneously emailing the inD. people about their choice of carriers for Friday's game. Never been a good multi-tasker

Anonymous said...


You ridin' the same roller coaster as our beloved Dan?

Seems like you're avoiding the minions with the NHL aloofness stretegy.

Get back to the point as Lead Defense Attorney for the CHB.

The accusation is on the table – using his laser vision CHB prematurely predicted a World Series win. Now he must wallow in his flatulence, don’t you think?


roger bournival said...

Actually the comments on the Globe site have been, at least until now, basically intelligent discussion.

That's because the comments on the Globe site have been, at least until now, basically supportive of Shank's writing. Eye of the beholder, and all that.

I just got back from scoring groceries, and it seems I'm an egg or two short of the dozen I thought I purchased. Do you think these eggs are on Shank's face?

dbvader said...

Another reference to when the game ended. How predictable.

Anonymous said...

Btw. On the Youk article headline.

"Roll Model"?

Be like bread!

Anonymous said...



From the Youkolis Roll article - Check it out:

“He also annoyed Manny Ramírez. …… but Youk was the teammate Manny slapped in the dugout ……. Youk kept his mouth shut after the episode.”

The Shank still has Manny on his mind. Wasn’t this put to bed long ago?

Somehow the Shank still takes “cheap shots for the sake of cheap shots.”

Do you have any thoughts?