Monday, October 13, 2008

Give It to Dan

I don't much care for Dan's "Picked Up Pieces" columns. Usually, the pieces are creations of laziness, obvious and/or dated observations and lame jokes.

Today's piece is an exception
. With the playoffs, Dan has a chance for some timely and interesting observations. The piece however did not get off to a good start. The first paragraph was a Warren Zevon reference. (Dan, Peter Gammons owns the exclusive rights to Warren Zevon references.) The second paragraph was a reference to how late games end. SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!!

What really caught my attention was the following paragraph, which I had to read twice:
Do not underestimate the residue of hard feelings in the wake of Francona hitting for Jason Varitek a second time in these playoffs. Tito lifted Varitek for J.D. Drew against Dan Wheeler in the ninth inning of Game 2. It's refreshingly bold given Tito's reputation at a "player's manager" and it makes good sense, but be assured the captain sees this as an act of abject betrayal.


Anonymous said...


Your master is at it again.

Not only did he fill the "literary" space with what is essentially obvious, he continues to take “cheap shots for the sake of cheap shots.”

Enough already about the Manny “indifference”; Manny does matter and he is in a different space!

Isn’t it obvious?


Dave M said...


I found that statement about Varitek interesting as well. I have my doubts about it guess is than Dan, true to form, is misreading the situation entirely. I could be wrong but I just have mu suspicions that Varitek would feel this way


dbvader said...


I agree. I give no credit to Dan. I have heard nothing of it from any other source and I think that Dan wants it to be true.

John said...

It was noted somewhere else a day or two earlier that Varitek wasn't exactly happy with being pinch hit for. But then again, who would be? I think Shank is once again trying to be the story instead of reporting the story.