Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Dan's view on Tom Brady's pending fatherhood. He takes a whole column to say that it isn't a big deal. Some people will care and others will not. Dan likes to defend himself by stating that he is paid for his opinions. I hope it isn't much. This column was bland and middle of the road, tough to find any opinion in it.

Not much else to note. I really don't care for the topic.

A few items:

-"modeling watches we can't afford."
Spare us the "I'm a common man" bit. You have written a bunch of books, including this piece of crap that did fairly well, and its follow up. (Read the reviews; they are hilarious.)

-Dan offers up another strained analogy:"A football field is 100 yards by 53 1/3 yards. When you are dropping back to pass and the blitzing linebacker is in your face mask, you can throw the ball out of bounds and start over.

Off the playing field, in 2007, nothing is out of bounds."

-"What this does remind us is that Brady -- like all of us -- is human."
But Dan, just last week you told us to "get real a bit" and not idolize players. And all the time you were idolizing Tom Brady.

-Dan notes that "nothing is out of bounds" and that it is simply part of celebrity culture. But he's wrong. There is something he can do: Don't write columns about it.


Michael said...

I'm curious what tone Dan would take if the news broke that...let's say Manny Ramirez, was fathering a child to a woman he just broke up with.

Think he'd say it's not a big deal?

Anonymous said...

You know he wouldn't. We'd be treated to a column of smarmy borderline racist comments.

Chris said...

When my kids were young, they'd hold their breath while we drove past a graveyard.

I hold my breath when driving through Groton.

ObjectiveBruce said...

So now we're ripping the columnist because we think he might have written something "racist" if someone else had done a certain act?

These maybe the most idiotic comments I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

well, yes, OB, that's what being done. The Bigot of Groton has a track record. He harrasses minorities constantly. Like "the Dominican Diva" Pedro Martinez and the "giant sack of you-know-what" David Ortiz and "piece of junk" Jose Offerman and he accused Manny of quitting, but offers no evidence. Meanwhile, Larry Bird, on the other hand, he idolizes, despite the fact Bird has ignored one of his daughters since her birth. And now his latest Caucasian mancrush Tom Brady is fathering a child out of wedlock and he turns a blind eye to this, too.

Chris said...

Good one, anonymous. Carrot-top DOES have an agenda, a track record, a history of being utterly biased and bigoted. The beauty of being a columnist is that it's all one-way drivel and no one is there to challenge you. The beauty of the Internet and blogs like this is that, for once, Danny gets the gun turned around and pointed squarely at him. There is, as they say, justice.

michael said...

Dan must feel like a kid on Christmas morning right now, if this "Manny at the auto show" story is for real. Maybe Manny will be given a nickname for life, like Carl Everett.

Chris said...

You must mean 'Holiday morning.' There is no Christmas for people who work at the Globe. Oh, sure, they get the day off from work and all those beneficial trappings. But heaven forbid if someone utters 'Merry Christmas' in the bowtie-festooned bastion of liberalism on Morrissey Blvd.