Sunday, February 25, 2007

Schilling Speaks Out on CHB

I picked up this link from Boston Sports Media...Schilling (Gehrig38) speaks very candidly about Shaughnessy on the SOSH boards. Some great quotes:

On the part where Shaughnessy says from a distance, it appeared that Schilling and John Henry were having a heated discussion:

Now we'll just have to let hacks and idiots like CHB stir up something that does not exist.

Some other lines

One of the lines CHB failed to put into the article he wrote a few weeks back was me, on the phone, calling him an asshole. He knows as sure as he's reading this right now that I think he's a giant sphincter.
Writers like him, and there are others I can assure you, are the reason athletes come to despise members of the media. They aren't all like that but it's just hard to figure out who's who sometimes.
They can hate the fact that I talk on EEI, or write in these forums, hell he's done it for 4 years, but it's still going to happen and at the end of the day he's still going to be the most misinformed guy in this group when it comes to the Sox and their fans.


Chris said...

I'm relatively new here, even though I share your hatred for Dan Shaughnessy. What does the 'CHB' stand for?

Anyway, if he is hated so much by players and fans, is 'CHB' similarly hated by his colleagues? I would love to see a dust-up between him and some other 'sports journalist' like occurred last week between Andy Hiller and Sean Hennessey of Channel 7. The two girls almost ripped off each other's panties covering a Dee-vahhhl' press conference. Andy was 'in Sean's way,' which caused the two co-workers to throw a hissy-fit. It's what happens when there are too many media hacks in a contracting market.

Dave M said...
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Dave M said...

Hi Chris

I dont know how Shaughnessy is viewed by his colleagues - interesting point.

CHB stands for "Curly Haired Boyfriend". In a now legendary story, Carl Everett barked out at Gorden Edes at the Sox clubhouse for Edes "and his curly haired boyfriend" (referring to Shaughnessy) to get out of there. Or something to that effect.

Paul said...

I think that some of his colleagues think he is a demi-god and others see him for what he is. I think more fall into the former category than the latter. (Case in point: Callahan always talks about running into him...meaning he played a round of golf or had dinner with him.) His mug is always on NESN almost as much as the pride of New Jersey, Nina "Large Mouth Bass" Cervasio. (When is her contract up, by the way?).

I'm not sure why his opinion is so highly regarded. He's a bomb thrower and offers no real insight. Like in the Donnelly column today. He asked a bunch of incendiary questions and got expletive laden responses from Brendan. Right on, Brendan! I wonder if Shank left out that Donnelly called him an asshole. :)

Paul said...

I meant Tina...not Nina. Who cares anyways? She's is horrible.

The Chief said...

Some of the Globe writers -- Ryan appears to be one of them -- hate The CHB, and the two snipe at each other in their columns (more proof Joe Sullivan is a weak editor). Mike Holley and Shaughnessy hate each other, too.

That said, Shaughnessy has won several awards from his fellow writers, which is kind of like a panel of tyrants naming Saddam best dictator -- a dubious distinction, but a distinction nonetheless.

Speaking as a journalist, writers (particularly sportswriters) are a funny breed. They feel they are disrespected, overworked and underpaid, and yet they somehow find hours to spend complaining about it They hate the readers (stupid), their bosses (same), their subjects (overpaid prima donnas), and each other (hacks). But if one of their own is attacked, they circle the wagons.

Anonymous said...

Bill Simmons is not a big fan.

dbvader said...

There are some stories circulating that paint CHB in a very negative light. Ryan called him out in an interview with a BU Journalism website for writing columns while watching games. Others paint him as a whiny prima donna. A while ago there was a poster by the name of Morrissey Mole. He stated that the blog was read in the sports newsroom and his attitude seemed to suggest that no one was particularly bothered by the blogs statements.

Anonymous said...

I can remember Simmons interviewed Schilling last year and Schilling and Simmons both had unflattering things to say about CHB specifically last year.

I've been reading this blog for over a year, it's still great. Keep up the good work.

Bad journalism is bad journalism, and CHB is the king. (Even to us Bleeding Heart Western MAs... see Chris we do exist).

bud don ellroy said...

Are there any people out there who count themselves as Shaughnessy fans?

I'm serious about this. He's the Brent Musberger of Boston-- omnipresent and universally reviled. How do people like that have jobs? And they're both still not that old, they could be on TV/radio/Globe for another couple decades. Ugh.

People like Shaugnessy make athletes hate the media. And that makes it harder for fans to hear what players have to say, as they clam up or get antagonistic.

Lord knows some ballplayers are assholes regardless of what the media does-- think of the guy who coined the CHB nickname-- but man, inane, critical old farts like Shaugnessy sure don't make things any better.

Just found out about this blog-- keep up thegood work.