Monday, February 26, 2007

Dan's New Favorite Red Sox

And I might have to agree after Brendan Donnelly told Dan this:

"Last year's over. I could ask the same thing about Boston last year. That's over. If you want to stir the [expletive] pot that way . . . You want to stir the pot? I'll [expletive] stir it with you."

Schilling must have given Donnelly a quick lesson on The Way of the Shank.

In all, a pretty informative column. It would be tough to write a bad one with the quotations Donnelly offers up. Just let the tape recorder roll.

Dan ends with this:

"Great mix of ability and attitude. This guy is going to be a good fit in Boston."

Good to hear.

One thing though. Dan needs to look at the statistics a little more skeptically. Dan writes "Donnelly was 6-0 with a 3.94 ERA last year, but the Sox were able to get him in exchange for lefty pitching prospect Phil Seibel." First, W-L is meaningless for relievers. Second, there are severe limitations to the value of ERA for relievers. Besides, outside of Boston, a 3.94 ERA for a reliever is not very good, regardless. Finally, Donnelly's K/9IP has been going down while his walk and HR rates have been going up. That is not a good sign for a 35 year-old pitcher.

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