Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chat Wrap

Dan spreads his wisdom.

I am disappointed, in both myself and Dan. I should work on my subtlety; my repeated questioning revealed my bias. Dan answered only one of my questions, which was my last and most cynical. I need to change my ways.

But Dan avoided my questions about his questionable associate and his propensity for factual errors.

Instead he fielded a bunch of softball questions from people who know no better than to ask CHB questions about the Pats offseason and the Red Sox starting rotation. These people are competent enough to manipulate their computers to enter a chat, but aren't smart enough to go to the many websites that offer more knowledge and insight than Shank? God help us.

A few of the highlights as Dan spent more time chatting than he probably does writing a column:

: Dan types like a 14-year old girl on IM. It's great when a professional writer abuses the English language while it is in its dying throes.

: Dan claims the Sox didn't sign Loretta because of money. The Sox didn't sign Loretta because of his collapsing skills. Their biggest question in the lineup isn't their second baseman hitting ninth, but their aging catcher and third baseman.

: Dan missed Francona's statement that Papelbon will not be a closer because the medical staff has ruled that out.

Provide your own thoughts regarding Dan's "insights" in the comments.


Chris said...

It's great that this blog exists, although I think Dan and the others at the sinking Morrissey Blvd ship (where 'pink' is the favorite color there, for a couple reasons) rue the day that Al Gore invented the Internet. Readership has plummeted, along with the Globe's esteem. But this is all for the good, because the high-and-mighty on Bowtie Boulevard need a dose of despair...and they're getting it.

In a word, Dan is sad. His Bully Pulpit is a shell of its former self, hemmoraging workers as fast as they are readers. But that doesn't stop 'Dan from being Dan,' and our fervent hope is that one of the upcoming pink slips has his name on it.

Anonymous said...

The Loretta comment cracked me up as well; didn't CHB notice that Loretta's agent said Loretta asked the Sox if they'd re-sign him for a drastically reduced price? Sooner or later the Sox have to let the kids grow up and get their shots. Pedroia's time has come.

But, for the most part, CHB's answers were so muddled and incoherently written I couldn't figure out what on earth he was attempting to say.

Anonymous said...

"not here to be villain. just writing my toughts. okay if we disagree."

Well, that explains why he responds to "fan mail" with snide remarks and the occasional hate call.

Mark said...

i didn't know that dan was still writing....he lost his fastball

Chris said...

I wonder how long it will be before Dan's Mom comes on here and wails about the injustice of it all? The publisher of the New York Times is worried that in five years or less there will be no more printed version of his newspaper. Dan ought to take heed and apply to Taco Bell as a floor sweeper.