Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Equal Opportunity Hack

Today Dan shows that his laziness extends to all sports. Give him a press guide and watch him go wild.

The Beanpot column is a annual rite. The Boston papers trot out a columnist with little interest in college sports, let alone hockey, and ask him/her to write an interesting column. With no background knowledge, the writer falls back on the press guide and a few recent game recaps.

Dan offers up all the statistics that show BU's dominance, gives BU's rank, and actually talks about a few of the teams' recent games.

But the press guide and a quick search through the Globe Sports archive let Dan down. Dan quotes two BU seniors, Kenny Roche and Sean Sullivan, who happen to be from St. Sebastian's. Using a classic Danism, Dan repeats a phrase (didn't they all play there?) to overemphasize his point and beat it into the ground.

The joke may have worked better if more than two players on the roster were from St. Sebastian's. Or if there were not four other teams with two or more players on the current BC roster. (I guess it isn't as funny to write that it seems like every player comes from the US National Under-18 Team.) But with a little bit of historical knowledge that went beyond the press guide, Dan would have known that Catholic Memorial is the traditional pipeline to the BU hockey program.

Those darn facts. Always tripping up Dan's lame attempts at humor.


Dave M said...

Of course, we are usually treated to a baseball mention. Today, we have the nonsensical:

"It was like watching the slow-starting Yankees finally pull ahead of the Devil Rays in the American League East on the Fourth of July."


Anonymous said...

somebody needs to point out that he wasnt only referring to the 2 BU captains who graduated from st. sebs... BC captains Boyle and Rooney both came from sebs, along with Northeastern captain Mike Morris and 3 players (Nick and Mike Coskren and Doug Rogers) on the Harvard roster.

dbvader said...

Nothing in the column suggests he was referring to the 4 teams collectively.

dbvader said...

which makes the use of the ambiguous "they" poor writing.