Thursday, February 22, 2007

Typical Dan

Today is Dan's first passive-aggressive rip job on JD Drew. Nothing much there. Dan continues to claim that the signing was corrupt and he gets in a couple of subtle digs at Curt Schilling's weight.

A couple of points of clarification:

Dan writes that Drew has been ripped by Tony La Russa and Schilling. He has been, but they ripped him for totally different issues. La Russa questioned his motivation and Schilling attacked him for refusing to sign with the Phillies.

Dan writes that the NY Times claimed the Dodgers were considering tampering charges. One columnist made the claim, and some have questioned its validity. Further, Boston wasn't the only team seeking to sign Drew. If you look back on, the Angels and Cubs (among others) were interested in Drew. It wasn't the bag job Dan wants you to think it was. But if it can dirty Theo, Dan will write it.

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soxwinbig said...

it shouldn't surprise anyone who is reading this that CHB is again diggin' up shite on something that is NUTHIN'!!! i'm glad and very excited that others (many others) are seeing thru this idiots blatant attempt at demoralizing this franchise. the real question he should be answering is, "why am i so pissed off?" and/or "why do so many people hate me?" these would be investigative and worth a column in the health section of any paper.