Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dan Talks to His BFF

Dan gets an interview with Red Sox owner John Henry today. They go through a couple of non-issues:

-New business partner Jack Roush's comments about Toyota in NASCAR

-ticket prices (Dan is correct to note that the Red Sox could charge more for their tickets, but citing the fact that Fenway has the highest average ticket prices is misleading. Fenway is among the smallest stadiums in the Majors. The Red Sox do not have the thousands of cheap seats that the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, and Astros sell.)

-Schilling's contract status

-Lugo over Gonzalez at SS

-the apparently "corrupt" Drew signing (Stop trying to stir things up. Carlos Lee signed for $100/6 years; Gary Matthews Jr. signed for $50/5 years. Other than Murray Chass, nobody claims that there was anything corrupt.)

-and whether the Lucchino-Epstein split hurt the team in '06 (I am certain that Dan wanted the answer to be 'yes.')

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JackTanner said...

I don't like Lugo - SS yips