Monday, February 12, 2007

Dan Hates You and Thinks You Are Stupid

Dan today reminds us of local news story you might have missed, a Boston firefighter who rescued three young children from a burning house this Saturday. A remarkable feat of heroism, and Dan gives a brief recap.

Dan uses this opportunity to remind us dimwitted readers that sports stars are not heroes, that heroes are people like firefighter Andrew Lee. Thanks Dan. This statement must be one of the biggest cliches in sportswriting. Weren't we reminded of this by Dan's colleagues after 9/11? And doesn't some local columnist always trot out this angle after every example of heroism by police or firefighter?

Its not that these heroes shouldn't be praised, but we don't need to be reminded that the real heroes are not on the field. We get it. And most well adjusted, semi-bright 16-year olds have figured it out. At some point in our lives we realize that there are more important things than sports and we are disabused of any notion that sports stars are infallible or worthy of any special respect. It doesn't mean we can't still enjoy following our favorite teams and players.

But Dan thinks that a passion for sports is evidence of a warped personality and a lack of perspective; or in Dan's lexicon, you are a "fanboy."

A fan's passion for sports does not preclude other interests or a full and rich life. Indeed, it adds to it. It is what we have in common. But in Dan's world, if you don't have a detached, cynical take on things, you are a childlike idiot.

Another thing Dan should take note of. As a group, firefighters are some of the most passionate fans I have come across. He should go to a Sox-Yankees game, either in the Bronx or Fenway, and see how many of the out-of-towners are firefighters. They come by the busload. But, I guess they don't have the proper perspective.

Pedroia Watch: Dan takes this opportunity to question again whether Pedroia can play second. We will keep track of Pedroia references as it seems this is Dan's drum for the 2007 season.


Lawrence Ireland said...

Here, here!! I actually e-mailed Shank Shaughnessy this morning about this very issue accusing him of assuming we don't read his colleagues work and using her story as the flimsy architecture for his own piece. He e-mailed me back, called me evil, and dolled out punishment, "to live with myself." Good ole Shank, resorting to 3rd grade name calling. Got to love it!

Brian said...

I think it's pretty funny that someone who has devoted his adult life to writing about sports would take time to tell us that sports aren't that important.

The Chief said...

The CHB is apparently a fireman fanboy.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask him if Jon Lester is a hero.

"Playing hurt" indeed.

Len said...

Looking forward to following the Pedroia count total.

Chris said...

Stay patient, folks. The New York Times plans to cease publishing its rag in five years or less. In a fire-sale move, they'll jettison the Boston Globe before that. Look for Shank greeting folks as they enter his local Wal-Mart. Red-headed frizzy-haired stepchild, he is.

Eklof 22 said...

''Stay patient, folks. The New York Times plans to cease publishing its rag in five years or less. ''

Shaughnessy must be feeling the heat because his most recent article is full of the frustrated
rantings of an angry, worried old man.