Friday, February 03, 2006

Quantity Beats Quality

Today Dan answers the question, Who in the hell is Dan Kreider?

Kreider, the Steelers fullback, is a University of New Hampshire alumnus (of course!), which is as good as reason as any to write a column about him.

This is the latest in a series, started Tuesday, on players with local ties whose teams will vie for the Lombardi Trophy this Sunday. And like his previous efforts, Dan tries to wow us with the hypertrivial (yesterday, it was that Lofa Tatupu played for King Philip Regional in the Hockomock League; today, we learn that the Maine-UNH matchup is called the Brice-Cowell Musket Bowl. Yowsa.).

It makes you want to stand up and shout, WHAT ABOUT THE GAME?

If you're not scoring at home, Dan's four for four this week: four columns, four yawns. I guess it's quantity over quality.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the heat got a little too hot for "objectivebruce." Too bad, watching him get beat up like a pinata was one of the highlights of this site.

ObjectiveBruce said...

No, I simply do not concern myself with trifling matters. The blogger's weekend postings are worthy of little more than "so what?" It seems to be more self-parody than commentary on Shaugnessey's work.

Anonymous said...

if this subject is so trifling, why did you respond?

Merv Tedwards said...

Shank gets a very unoriginal, typically nasty, totally unnecessary jab at David Wells with wait a minute...a fat joke comparing Aretha Franklin to Wells.

The man has mastered throwing detractors like us a bone to chew on almost daily and here I am like a fish with a hook in my mouth. But if we don't fight vindictive writers like this then they win.

Loved the Gammons swipe at Shank on his ESPN Insider article. Gonna be great to see those two guys battle all baseball season as to who has the biggest pen.

I consider those of us here just another noose in the rope that Shank will ultimately hang himself with. Isn't he already on a radio show with Mike Barnicle? Seems like a perfect match.