Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dan on …

Picked up pieces while waiting for The CHB’s wisdom to fell more trees.

Chauncey Billups: “… a wasted No. 3 pick …” Feb. 19, 1998

Pete Carroll: “… little more than a smarter, drug-free Butch Hobson …” Jan. 3, 1999, and “Papa Pete, the drug-free Daddy Butch Hobson of this southbound train …” Nov. 29, 1999

Dan Duquette: “What do the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Rangers, Indians, Padres, Expos and Reds have in common? All said goodbye to Greg Harris with no compensation. This means there must be a lot of baseball general managers like Dan Duquette – guys who don't know what they need to build a winner.” July 16, 1994 (The 38-year-old Harris won 2 more games in his major league career. The Red Sox won their division the next year.)

Donald Fehr: “an East German border guard in a previous life.” Dec. 22, 1994

Dave Gavitt: “… the Teflon CEO of the Celtics …. Because of his reputation, and his friendly personality, he hasn't been the target of many slings or arrows. It's time.” March 3, 1994

Terry Glenn: " Terry Oil Can Glenn."

Bob Kraft: “… an owner who is rapidly spinning out of control …” Feb. 4, 1997 and “ … a man with an ego bigger than the Citgo sign …” Nov. 19, 1998

Jose Offerman: “How do you say "junk" in French?”

Robert Parish: “[T]he Chief is full of baloney. His comments … reek of the same tired stuff he floated here any time he needed an excuse for why he wasn't Larry Bird.” Nov. 17, 1994

Rick Pitino: “We know never to believe anything the man says …” Boston Globe, Feb. 19, 1998.

Jim Rice: “Regarding a hometown candidate with borderline Hall numbers, it's easier to vote for Rice than to defend oneself against the standard charges of revenge and racism.” Jan. 9, 2002, and “He hasn't played in two years, but Jim Rice is still contemptible.” Dec. 18, 1991

The AL East race: “The team that gets off to the hot start usually wins the American League East …” April 26, 1987 (If only…)


dbvader said...

David Ortiz: "A giant sack of you know what."

Anonymous said...

So, the only Celtic from the 80s CHB criticizes just happens to be their most prominent African-American. Stunner.

The Chief said...

That's correct on Ortiz, dbvader. I figured I wouldn't bother repeating ground previously covered. But it's a classic.

Shawn said...

Errrm sorry Chief, but what was the point of this?

The Chief said...

My answer to those who say that The CHB never has anything nice to say about people.

Anonymous said...

Well, he was right about Rick Pitino.

dbvader said...

the chief,
It can never be repeated enough.
First, it shows CHB's propensity to call players names without offering any substantive analysis.
Second, it shows CHB's inability to analyze a player's performance. Ortiz was a monster at 21 in AA and AAA. At 23 he was a monster at AAA. 24-26 he was very good in the majors.
Did he mention his past performance? No. He dismissed Ortiz out of hand because he saw him strike out a few times against the Red Sox.

jenny said...

It also shows CHB's despicable ability to alternately stab someone in the back and pat them on the head at the same time.

I think that East German border guard comment was, even considering that it's CHB, out of line. Does that qualify as racism against white people? That would upend some theories about CHB! Seems like he's making a pretty offensive remark pertaining to the guy's German-sounding last name. No love lost here for Fehr, but I wouldn't go there. Leader of random American sports union vs. refugee-slaughtering soldier of a repressive totalitarian regime? Not much comparison there.