Monday, February 13, 2006

Corrections Coming?

I know I've missed a couple of Dan's columns. Please pardon the delay in posts; I've been out of town on assignment and am just returning now.

According to a source at the Globe, Shaughnessy's (incorrect) statements that Isaiah Kacyvenski was homeless as a child and that two alumni of the University of New Hampshire have played in the Super Bowl, a correction will "probably" run Tuesday.Per the source, the Globe "received incorrect info."

Also, the source said that the Globe will run a correction on Dan's assertion that Terry Bradshaw received a huge ovation from the Super Bowl crowd.

However, according to the source, the Globe denies that Shaughnessy wrote that Matt Hasselbeck was the 1992 MIAA Division 1-A Super Bowl MVP. Here's the paragraph in question:
There was no trip to Disneyland for the 1992 MIAA Division 1-A Super Bowl MVP. There was no full-page newspaper advertisement showing Matt Hasselbeck with a milk mustache. And the only Roman numeral was X, as in Xaverian.
It begs the question, If not Hasselbeck, then to which MIAA Division 1-A Super Bowl MVP was The CHB referring?


objectivebruce said...

Uh, it's obvious that he was not speaking of specific MIAA Most Valuable Player winners, or even stating that there was one, only drawing a contrast between The Big Game for Hasselbeck in '92 and The Big Game now. He is no more claiming that the MIAA had an MVP than he is claiming that the milk people pay high school kids to do advertisements.

Does this mean the holier-than-thou blogger will run a correction? I doubt it.

The Chief said...

Uh, if it were so obvious, how come legions of readers disagree with you?

At best, it's totally unclear. Why even use the reference?

objectivebruce said...

So no correction for the unsubstantiated "legions of readers" who have been misled?

The Chief said...

Hey, little kids pretend things didn't happen all the time. Why should the CHB/Globe change now?