Saturday, February 04, 2006

On Cruise Control in Detroit

Is he live, or Memorex?

On Jan. 23, 2003, three days before the Super Bowl, Shaughnessy penned an essay on the ordeal of Tampa wide receiver Joe Jurevicius.

On Feb. 4, 2006, one day before the Super Bowl, Shaughnessy penned an essay on the ordeal of Seattle wide receiver Joe Jurevicius.

Analysis watch: "Jurevicius could be one of Seattle's top weapons in Super Bowl XL tomorrow night ... ." Or he couldn't be. Is this what Joe Sullivan meant when he said, "Dan is the most opinionated writer I know. He is the bravest columnist I've ever seen and is not afraid to take a stand"?


Anonymous said...

This Jurevicius column looks like it was agonized over when compared to the outright cut and paste job he did this morning on Hasselbeck's last high school game from 14 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't Sheriff Sully write about Hasselbeck's last high school game last week? The CHB strikes again.

Chris said...

The Sunday column was one of the most egregious mail-in jobs I have ever read. Matt Hasselbeck played in a Super Bowl in high school. That's the premise. He didn't play particularly well (though, Dan did, wrongly, crown him the MVP despite the 4-12 performance in the LOSS - as Sheriff Sully pointed out), nothing memorable really happened. He brought nothing to the table. It was basically a column that he banged out in 5 minutes. I've seen some bad columns, but I can't remember a worse back-to-back sequence than the Jurevicius rehash and the mail-in yesterday. What a Joke.

Anonymous said...

More cruise control on Monday. I realize that he probably had a tight deadline (though not any tighter than a Red Sox game) and wrote most of his column before the game, but there was nothing interesting or original in it. Everybody knows that Steelers fan travel. It has been a topic before every one of their playoff games. The obligatory comments about the game were forced and obvious and the Dan-O special of referencing classic rock song titles into his columns was there too.
I have to say it and it cannot be repeated enough. Dan has no ability to analyze any sporting event. Everything bad about him springs from this weakness. Without anything to say about the sporting events, he is forced to build up off the field drama and resort to calling players names.

Anonymous said...

How does this guy continue to have any respect in the media? Awful writing. If you are going to mail it in, couldn't they send someone else with some interest & drive to write something new & interesting? Maybe make it a co-wrote piece and let the CHB stay at home?