Thursday, July 07, 2016

The One That Got Away

After jinxing the Boston Celtics' pursuit of Kevin Durant, Shank partially redeems himself by telling the story of that pursuit from Danny Ainge's perspective.
You saw the photograph of Tom Brady walking with Celtic folks Danny Ainge, Steve Pagliuca, Kelly Olynyk, and Marcus Smart in the Hamptons last Saturday. You heard about TB12 assisting the Celtics in their recruiting trip to Kevin Durant’s place on Long Island. You know the Celtics did not land the big fish, but you’re curious how all this went down.

Now the story can be told. According to Ainge, who spoke with the Globe from Utah Thursday morning, this is how the holiday weekend sports summit in the Hamptons unfolded:
It's worth reading in full, and you know we don't say it that much around here.

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