Friday, July 08, 2016

Night Out At The Wilbur

Reader Walter R. sent me a reminder of last night's event - the baseball writer's symposium at the Wilbur Theater featuring a lot of baseball folks (writers, former players, etc.) and that someone was live tweeting the whole thing. By the looks of things, Bill Lee stole the show, but not before Shank was done mucking up the works. You won't believe some of these tweets, or maybe you will!

Dan Shaughnessy - misunderstanding sports fans for over thirty years!

You picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!

Please check your weapons at the door...

This next one is a fucking beauty:

Is Shank really that lacking in self-awareness that he feels the need to play the martyr card? Poor Shank - he's just misunderstood! Then again, these two things may be connected.

Eventually, there will be zero people who work in the Globe baseball department - equality achieved!

But wait - Shank's not done playing the martyr:

You're not used to it - you just got done complaining about it! So, the sports columnist who's been using his position as a bully pulpit to second guess, criticize, demean and otherwise shit on professional athletes, managers and owners for the better part of four decades is in reality a thin skinned crybaby pussy who can't take what he dishes out? Fuck him, fuck the Boston Globe, and I hope people keep giving him the business, wicked fucking hard.

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