Thursday, July 28, 2016

On The Road Again

The Red Sox begin a long road trip, but not before losing three straight games to the Detroit Tigers. You bet your ass Shank's doing a column about it:
The Red Sox are 55-44, just 2½ games behind first-place Baltimore after the Orioles lost Wednesday night. But the Sox are 21-23 in one- or two-run games and they are 8-30 in games in which they score four or fewer runs (those would be playoff-type games). They are 3-36 when they trail after seven innings, 2-36 when they trail after eight. They have only two walkoff wins, which ties them with the lowly Rays for worst in the American League.
Anyone who was listening to Tony Massarotti Tuesday afternoon around 3:00 could have told you the same thing. What a lazy prick.
David Price gets the ball Thursday night against the Angels and Price is well-served to be 3,000 miles from the barking dogs and wiseguy columnists who are painting him as the new Carl Crawford/Matt Young.
This, from the guy who said he won't judge David Price until he sees a full year from him, while disingenuously trying to hide behind unnamed 'wiseguy columnists'.

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Monkeesfan said...

Speaking of Mazz - he nailed it about a year ago when he noted why pitchers can't reach 200 innings anymore - they spend too much time training before March and thus wear themselves out. "Train less, throw more," is what Mazz recommends (this same principle needs to be applied to NFL camps as well - players need to train less February-July and instead hit more during actual camp plus preseason games).

Since when did Shank actually offer some insight that makes genuine sense?