Saturday, July 16, 2016

Deflategate Is Over

As expected, the obligatory Shank column:
Let’s acknowledge once again that this was a minor infraction, never proved by the NFL. But the Patriots dug their own grave by behaving like a guilty party from the jump. The Patriots did everything a guilty man does. They failed to produce the equipment guys after damning texts were found. They suspended said employees and refused to talk about them or make them available. They issued their own version of events, the embarrassing “Wells Report In Context,” then summoned media friends from across the land to slaughter Roger Goodell — an easy errand. Brady destroyed his cellphone when he was suppposed to meet with Ted Wells.
But if it gives Shank another chance to shit on Robert Kraft, it's all good.


Anonymous said...

like his curse book this recount is filled with errors but then again this is the man who will never acknowledge roger clemens taking PEDS because clemens gave his brat daughter a clementine teddy bear but tom brady who has little to no evidence linking him with deflated footballs. shank as usual is a fraud

Monkeesfan said...

BTW does Shank know the NFLPA is still fighting this, just without Brady as point man?