Monday, July 11, 2016

Tomorrow's News, Today!

I hereby present you tomorrow's template for 98.5 The Sports Hub radio talking points from the Shankster. He's back on the bandwagon, folks!
What a day. The Red Sox vaulted into the All-Star break with a Hakuna Matata, “Everything is Awesome,” feel-good first-half finale better than any Tom Werner sitcom pilot ever scripted.

On the final Sunday before the Sox sent six guys (OK, five, since Craig Kimbrel is hurt) to the Midsummer Classic, the locals got eight stellar innings from $217 million ace David Price and thrashed the moribund Tampa Bay Rays, 4-0, on Sunday. The victory keeps Boston in a second-place tie with the Blue Jays, two games off the pace as Baseball America shuts down for a four-day siesta interrupted only by the annual All-Star showcase Tuesday in San Diego.

After finishing in last place three times in four seasons, the Red Sox at this hour are a wild-card playoff entry and pretty well-positioned for a strong second half. Perhaps most important, in the Academy Award words of Sally Field, you like them. You really like them.
Even his quote ripoff is ancient, weighing in at 31 years.

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