Saturday, July 09, 2016


It seems Shank didn't fully vent his spleen from Thursday night's Wilbur Theater performance, as the first half of this column comes across as 'bitch, bitch, bitch', but I'd like to focus on Shank's very first subject.

I was driving around yesterday afternoon, 4:00 - 4:30 window, so I turn on Felger & Mazz. Would you like to take a wild guess about what they were talking about? Take it away, Shank!
■ Can’t fault Brady for fighting his suspension all the way to the Supreme Court, but it’s better for the Patriots if the suspension is upheld and Brady sits out the first four games. It gives the team a chance to find out what they have in Jimmy Garoppolo without threatening their birthright atop the Tomato Can AFC East. The high court drama is great for sports talk (we know! - ed.), but I’m betting Bill Belichick would like to have a little clarity regarding his QB situation as the Patriots prepare for summer camp.
Not even trying to hide it anymore, is he? What a lazy hack.

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