Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl Shank

Just kidding - Shank's column is about... Shank:
Nineteen eighty-six. Thirty years ago. The first Boston Sports Renaissance.

Those were heady days here in the Globe sports department. And in the Shaughnessy household.

I got to cover, and travel with, two of the most exciting teams in the history of our town. Every day. The 1985-86 world champion Boston Celtics, a.k.a. the greatest NBA team of all time; and the 1986 Red Sox, the team that came closer than any team in baseball history to winning a World Series without actually winning the World Series.

I’m the dope who quit the Celtics beat and opted to follow the Red Sox instead. And I owe it all to Hall of Famers Peter Gammons and Bob Ryan, the two greatest baseball and basketball writers, respectively, who ever lived.
I can't wait to hear this column again Tuesday morning on 98.5 The Sports Hub - riveting radio!

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