Monday, February 22, 2016

Flat and Crappy

The Red Sox are "fat and happy" [and] "for some reason it feels like somebody needs to yell at these guys."

That's Shank's take after not quite a week in camp. Remember that pitchers and catchers reported on Feb. 18 and the first full squad practice isn't until Feb. 24 and yet everyone is already here except Joe Kelly, whose wife just gave birth.

No matter. Let's instead return to what The CHB was pitching (get it?) just six months ago:

"They are a house of change and fear, and it’s making them play a little better. No one knows what’s going to happen. People have lost their jobs. People are afraid they are going to lose their jobs. The only certainty is uncertainty. And that is a good thing." ... [Dave] Dombrowski is a great hire and there should be more accountability on and off the field at Yawkey Way."

So in late August the roster was filled with players about their jobs and today he's deriding those same players for being "fat and happy"? Huh. What changed? If Shank knows, he ain't telling.

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