Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Joke's on Shank

John Henry just played an early April Fool's joke on the Boston media. Not surprisingly, The CHB fell for it like he was on a high dive overlooking a vat of Budweiser.

To recap, the Red Sox owner said the team has been overly reliant on statistical analysis and that it would attempt to restore some "balance."

To this, the Globe's Great White Whale writes: "While silos gently wept in Lawrence, Kan. — home of smarter-than-everybody stat guru Bill James — Henry acknowledged that his ball club had lost its way in a sea of analytics and needs to get back to some old-school thinking in regards to talent evaluation and performance expectations."

However ... what Shank fails to note is that Henry also said the team is not shrinking its analytics staff. Moreover, it was the stats guys who pointed out that Hanley, Kung Fu Panda, Carl Crawford and many of the other pickups of late were high risks and bad buys -- yet moves The CHB himself applauded. And that's why the Sox have a new GM -- the old ones kept spending big money on the wrong guys.

Yes, indeed, the joke's on The CHB. The question is, when will he realize it?

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