Sunday, February 21, 2016

Culture Shock

Shank showed up in Ft. Myers, FL on Friday and runs into new Red Sox pitcher David Price:
FORT MYERS, Fla. — David Price was in a good mood Friday morning as he dressed in front of his locker for his first official workout with the Boston Red Sox. It was the first day on the job since he signed a seven-year, $217 million contract.

I wanted him to feel welcome. I wanted to make sure he didn’t believe all those nasty things his former Tampa Bay teammate Carl Crawford said about the Boston baseball experience. I wanted to tell him that Sox fans love him and that folks in the “carnivorous” Boston media are actually nice guys and gals.

“Don’t believe everything you hear,’’ I told him.
Especially anything coming out of Shank's mouth!

Note to David Price - this is why.

A few days ago, Shank was wondering whether, now as teammates. Price and David Ortiz would continue to hold a grudge about some name-calling between the two a few years ago. In this column, Shank does what Shank does - write about it again in order to keep it going:
David Ortiz is not in camp yet (position players are not required to report until Tuesday), so Price and Papi have not yet had a chance to kiss and make up after their public spat that played out over the last two years.

Price took exception when Ortiz pimped after a playoff homer at Fenway in 2013, and the episode was followed by two years of pointed remarks and one memorable purpose pitch when Price plunked Papi on the backside.

Price said Ortiz thinks he’s bigger than the game and Ortiz said he had no respect for Price and that the tall lefty was “a little girl.’’ They eventually resolved things over the phone, but have yet to connect as teammates.

“I’m done with that,’’ said Price. “I’m waiting for him to get here. I’m ready to get to know him.’’
If I were David Price, I'd recommend getting to know Shank as well, in the 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' kind of way.

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