Monday, October 24, 2011

This Explais A Lot

Since Shank won't have Theo Epstein to kick around anymore, we get one last decent column out of it.
It happens all the time when you get to be a cagey old sportswriter. You’re in a press box for a college game and a nervous, skinny kid with clear eyes and not-so-clear skin bounds up the steps, introduces himself, and tells you he wants to be a sportswriter after college. Sometimes he hands you the school rag and asks you to let him know what you think of his stuff.

That’s how I met Theo Epstein.

It was Nov. 20, 1993, and I was in the press box at Yale Bowl in New Haven when the 19-year-old Epstein came over to say hello and show me his latest entry in the Yale Daily News.

Appropriately enough, Epstein’s column was a rip job on legendary Yale coach Carmen Cozza. The Elis were staggering through a 3-7 season and the headline over Epstein’s column was, “Is It Time for Carm to Go?’’
Kindred spirits?
When Epstein walked away in October 2005 because of a breakdown of trust between him and Sox CEO Larry Lucchino (Epstein’s mentor), there was shock and fury in Red Sox Nation.
Like this infamous column had nothing to do with it. Disingenuous Dan at his least convincing ...

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Anonymous said...

Clearly Shank has sworn himself to be an ignorant via his Hippocratic Oath of helping the good of the public.

Shank’s hypocrisy ranks supreme.

Imagine the type of article that Theo would write about Shank these days. Perhaps it would be:

“Is it time for Shank to go?” – an investigative report into the hypocritical works of the Infamous Shankster, Boston’s Bean-Brained Typo.