Monday, October 24, 2011

Should've Left It There, Shank

Forced to reach his monthly quota of insipid inspiring columns, Shank tricks treats us to another blase picked up pieces column where he takes shots at just about everyone except for Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling. Nearly the entire column is negative.

Miserable and ugly, just in time for Halloween!

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Monkeesfan said...

With the benefit of hindsight - I borrowed it from Shank - a look at how these pick-up pieces piece together now -

* I'd appreciate the Black Sox angle more if it were from Steve Buckley - at least Buck isn't driven by vengeful agendas like His Shankness.

* Nice shot at Fat Albert Haynesworth - but we forgot to ask, were you so opposed to signing him at the time, Shank?

* "Janet Marie Smith made Fenway Park what it is today." Retrofitting a beyond-obsolete ballpark has its qualities Shank, but in the end it's still just retrofitting a beyond-obsolete ballpark - BTW, Shank, have you ever taken The Three Stooges to task for not building a new park? "John Henry's money and Larry Lucchino's direction" can make it work, remember?

* The reason Belichick hates when you mention this is you talk about not winning a playoff game since 2007 as if there's some fundamental flaw in the organization that explains why this has happened - you can get away with that with the likes of Peyton Manning and his career of freezing up in playoff games against teams that didn't roll over and play dead (Tennessee, Miami, the Patriots, Chargers, and even the Jets twice apiece), Pittsburgh, New Orleans), or Brett Favre and his supreme selfishness in clutch games (cue Vikings PxP announcer Paul Allen), but with the Patriots you can't find it, Shank.

* Good take on the NBA players - they're fooling themselves again.

* So John Henry can finish his own sentances - does that impress you looking down the road, Shank?