Saturday, October 08, 2011

I Want Answers, Damn It!

In today's edition of the Theo Epstein saga, our man Shank keeps up the pressure on Red Sox owner John Henry, who is keeping his cards close to the vest.
Sox could use speedy resolution

The Theo Watch continues. He’s either going to the Cubs or he’s staying here for more years/dollars/power. Whatever happens, it needs to happen soon. The Red Sox have a lot of decisions to make, including hiring a new manager, but nothing happens until Theo Epstein’s status is resolved.

Sox owner John Henry ended his long, curious silence yesterday, and hinted that maybe we have seen the last of Theo on Yawkey Way.

“Theo is not going to be the general manager forever,’’ warned the low-talking owner, as he sat in a studio at WEEI, the station that pays him millions of dollars per year.
I'm not sure what that last statement's supposed to mean; I see it as a convenient and cheap way to score some points. Just remember, Shank writes for the fans.

I think Shank's position can be summarized thusly - is he being unreasonable in his demands for Red Sox ownership to make a quick decision with respect to certain managerial positions?

UPDATE at 6:30 PM - Great comment by Monkeesfan in the previous post's comments section:
"BTW, does Shank recall his role in Theo's 2005 hissy-fit?
Of course not! It's called a convenient memory lapse; anyone involved in an argument with your wife / girlfriend knows exactly what I'm talking about. Yet Shank feigns incredulity that Sox ownership might want to take a few more days this time around to get things right...

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