Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Stirring The Pot, Stomping His Feet

Those are the two overwhelming impressions after reading Shank's imperious demands for answers to the Theo Epstein saga.
The silence from Yawkey Way has been louder than a Metallica concert.
How many of you think Shank's ever been to a Metallica concert? Anyone?
Werner insisted that “John wanted to be here,’’’ but from Friday through the dinner hour yesterday, the only thing we got from Thurston Howell III was a tweet from Lovey explaining that John was home from the hospital in time to watch his beloved soccer team.
Shank mocks John Henry & his wife in a most juvenile manner, yet Shank seems baffled that...
I left messages with Epstein and Lucchino yesterday. No reply. I’ve left two messages with Henry. The owner tweeted last night, “Calls and maybe interviews next week.’’
I can see why these guys are rushing to the phone to return Shank's call...


mike_b1 said...

The CHB is still steaming that he wasn't invited to Theo's wedding, even after asking for an invitation. Bet he tried the same move for John Henry's.

Wonder if the afro cream has leached into his brain and affected his frontal lobe.

Monkeesfan said...

BTW, does Shank recall his role in Theo's 2005 hissy-fit?

Anonymous said...

Oh the drama!

And Shank was left out in the dead cold on such a hot story.

However, the key issue in all the silliness is that (from an internet post today):

“The Red Sox are 34 games over .500 the last two years. The Yankees are 60 games over and the Rays 50 games over in that same stretch.”

How are them stats for the "Theo-retics?"

Where was the Shank while all this was developing and unfolding? Goes to show you that the Shank has no links to sources that share real insights. Shank seems to create stories out of thin air.

And he gets paid for putting a different spin on stories that we see live on TV.