Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Bucket Of Popeye's

Shank does his part to keep the memory of the 2011 Red Sox alive. Time for everyone to come clean!
Your turn, Josh Beckett. You, too, John Lackey. Time for the rest of the beer-swillin’, biscuit-eatin’, fried-chicken munchin’ Red Sox starting pitchers to fess up.

The 1919 Chicago White Sox had Eight Men Out. The 2011 Red Sox have Three Men and a Bucket of Popeye’s.

The Red Sox hideous off season of 2011 continues, and today we had more truth set free when Jon Lester returned a phone call from the Globe’s Pete Abraham and confirmed information which until now has been only a “sourced report’’: instead of staying on the bench pulling for their struggling teammates, Red Sox starting pitchers were back in the clubhouse drinking beer and diving into the 16-piece family meal ($31.99, includes three large sides and eight biscuits) during the 2011 season.
Interesting that Jon Lester basically admits that former manager Terry Francona had few, if any, controls over the team this year.
We applaud Lester for coming forward. Unfortunately, his statements are only going to amplify the noise. The admissions certify the notion that the 2011 Sox are destined to be remembered as perhaps the most loathed Boston team in history.
Amplification also includes many Shank Red Sox columns for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...


RE: “Time for everyone to come clean!”

From the link: Feb 2, 2010

“MLB has worked with the TEAM Coalition to promote responsible alcohol consumption among fans during games. That’s an important step, because it’s more vital to reach 50,000 paying customers than 25 players. But shouldn’t the people on the field be held to an even higher standard?

Baseball needs a leader on this issue. It could be Commissioner Bud Selig. It could be a club president. It could be a general manager. It could be a star player. But someone must step forward, realizing that the game’s reputation is at stake.

Naturally, the politics of baseball will make that difficult.”

The Red Sox have opened up another Pandora’s Box … first MLB had the Steroid Stigma and now they need to deal with the Thirsty Crew.

A good investigative reporter can get this job done ... won't be Shank and/or The Globe Group.


Roger Bournival said...

g - I may have missed it, but there is one key detail the Globe hasn't uncovered yet. Was this beer tapped from a keg, or was it from a bottle or a (smaller) can?

Damn it, the fans have a right to know!