Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy 57th Birthday, Bruce!

Bruce - just wanted to wish you the best as you get closer to cashing your Social Security cheques.

Please don't respond with your usual nonsense about my math being bad or other unconvincing feeble countermeasures (that's a military term you're likely not familiar with). Yes, I am taunting you. Yes, I would love to launch my post that will reveal your identity and cause you a fair amount of personal and professional embarrassment.

Bruce, a former Boston Globe employee, now works for a local liberal outfit (shocker!) that publishes on dead tree on a quarterly basis ('in-depth, balanced, and independent'? Balderdash!) and they've redesigned their website since I last developed my dossier on Bruce. He has also appeared (another shocker!) on Howie Carr's radio show, about one year ago.

Noted on the quartely's Web masthead - "It is also the type of journalism that’s badly needed today as the economic model that fuels most news media is running out of gas." Glad you jumped ship when you did, Bruce? Doesn't that make you a raving hypocrite with all your previous blather about 'the Globe ain't going anywhere'?

Oh, and along those lines, you just did a story on a local hack, (Mr.) O'Brien! A liberal circle jerk on WGBH, complete with a 10:42 video clip! Why didn't you ever do these stories when you were a Globie? This is great!

In case you're wondering, Bruce, I have about sixty pages in said dossier. I've talked to a few Globies (one current, one retired) without finishing my descriptive sentence about you before both guys ID'd you. You stick out like a sore thumb. We've also traced a number of your comment postings to Boston Globe IP addresses when you were there, and I will congratulate on some of your residual intelligence for not repeating that mistake thereafter. Gotta love those AOL dynamic IP addresses, don't you?

Enough clues for everybody? I hope so.

Post one more time, Bruce - make my day...


Anonymous said...


I'm no liberal, nor a conservative and hopefully not a hypocrite.

I'm just me and I want to know the truth.

Let OB be. If he can deliver the truth then I would respect him.

Over the years he has defended Shank … for what motive?

OB … speak truthfully and we will listen.


Roger Bournival said...

g - OB is not interested in the truth; never has been, never will be. He's interested in one thing, protecting the Globe, and nothing else. Look at OB's profile - The profile is supposed to be about him, but every single sentence references the Globe in one way or another. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...


I stay away from the liberal vs. conservative friction.

If OB can speak the truth, especially about the quality of work presented by Shank, then he has merit.

To date I have not seen the truth coming from the typewriter of our Shank.

For example, with so much end of season drama, did the Shank present to the audience anything truthful that his privileged access allowed him to experience as the team imploded?

OB - your thoughts?