Monday, October 10, 2011

Feels Good?

Shank takes a column off from his Bash The Red Sox Ownership Tour to take in yesterday's Patriots win over the New York Jets.
FOXBOROUGH - It had to feel good.

Bill Belichick’s never going to admit this, but there is a healthy obsession with the Jets at Gillette Stadium and it’s a great day any time you can pin a loss on the donkeys from New York.

You saw a little of this truth when NFL Films wired Bill throughout the 2009 season. The friendly folks from the house network somehow managed to come away with nothing on the Richard Seymour trade or the infamous Late Gate episode, but they did catch Bill gloating a little when he walked out of the office and said it was a “good day’’ because the Patriots beat the Titans and the Jets lost to the Bills .
Fans of Shankology know how the rest of the column will proceed: talk about the Patriots postseason blues since 2007, a few sentences about Tom Brady and the rest (read - a lot of backhanded compliments) on coach Bill Belichick. In that sense, the column does not disappoint.

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank still can't attack Belichick directly because even by Shank's standards there's no credibility to it. BTW, just what is Shank looking for in the Richard Seymour trade and Late Gate anyway?